A message for Lent

The Church’s children, Jesus’ disciples, are preparing to start the Lenten season. It covers the period when we are called to accept the call: “metanoeite” (convert).True conversion must entail a change of mentality, a change of thought, a change of attitudes and behaviour.

True Lent has to lead us towards Easter in order to arrive “transformed.” In order to travel the Lenten path, we have to look at our relationship with God, our relationship with others and our personal life. We are invited to increase our life of charity (almsgiving), our life of communion with God (prayer) and our personal effort (fasting).

It is a special time to review our life in response to God’s merciful love. It means being able to recognise one’s own weakness, one’s own frailty, one’s own sin. Recognising the need for something new to arise and surge forth in order to adapt our lives to the project of the Kingdom. Understanding the importance of exercising our spirit in order to adapt our existence to that of Jesus.

Let us allow ourselves to be led by the ecclesial path of reconciliation and penance, that includes the acceptance of Grace and forgiveness. May we come to the celebration of the Easter Mystery with a truly renewed spirit.

P. Ricardo Londoño Domínguez,