Pray with intercessors

God did not leave man alone to face the mysteries of his existence. He gave him his Word, his Word of Life incarnate in Jesus; and the Church set up by Christ and enlivened by his Spirit, bears witness to Him. Moreover, a permanent dialogue exists between God and man: intercession is there close by and as simple as the way of the sons towards their Father.

General Intention: Lord, You have given us Mary as Mother and model for our families. Help us to make our family a place where love, peace and joy reign. May everyone be benevolent, gentle, considerate and patient. May everyone see only the good in the other person. May spouses be filled with tenderness for each other. May we be united in the joys as well as in the hardships thanks to prayer.

In intercession, we become those who call and welcome God for others, attracting to the latter the graces that they no longer have the strength or courage to ask for.