Other Propositions

TANDEM is a course, which brings together in teams young married (or not) couples, who wish to exchange and reflect along with others on various aspects of their daily life and on the meaning of their life, with a desire to reconnect with a life of faith and a subsequent commitment. TANDEM answers a need in the Church that is anxious to propose a course for young couples that is adapted to their situations.

You are a widow and still young… in your heart of hearts you wish to live more closely with Christ, while remaining in your current life. You believe that your husband is alive in the Resurrected Christ. And that love is stronger than death. Anchored in the sacrament of marriage, the Fraternity suggests a spiritual way forward for you…

You set your course on hope with God and with your neighbour, with God’s help and your neighbour’s help. The Teams of Our Lady are often called upon, not only by divorced couples, but also by team members, numerous priests and more generally by the Church of France, with the aim of providing human and spiritual support for people who experience this situation….

You are between 17 and 30 years old and are single. Do you wish to deepen your faith, live the Gospel daily, give yourself the means to discern the life choices that are open to you in the light of the Spirit? Whatever your human and spiritual experiences, your life conditions, your culture, your activities, Young Teams of Our Lady are happy to welcome you!