Fraternity of Our Lady of the Resurrection

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 Find a new meaning to life…

By living love in a different way 
In the light and strength of the Resurrection
By remaining in your living place
With all your family and professional responsibilities
By regularly deepening your spiritual life
Through written exchanges and fraternal meetings, along with others in a fraternity.

Who are we?

The Fraternity of Our Lady of the Resurrection is way to consecrate your life to God.  It is for women who have been prematurely widowed and who rise up with Christ, whether or not they have had children and whether or not their married life was happy or difficult.
In 1943, during a retreat for thirty young war widows, seven of them, who did not know each other, independently went and found Father Caffarel to tell him of their desire to give themselves to God.
They went down into the grotto, confided their desire to Mary and asked her to intercede with her Son so that they could discover what Lord expected of them.  That was on September 8th, 1943, the day when the Fraternity of Our Lady of the Resurrection was born.

A Mission in the Church

Every call from God is linked to a specific mission entrusted to the Church.
By consecrating us, the Church entrusts a mission to us:

  • Bear faithful witness to eternal life;
  • Be a sign of the Church who awaits the return of Christ, its Spouse;
  • Affirm the sustainability of married love anchored in Christ;
  • Be a sign of the Resurrection in your daily life;
  • Intercede for this world in which we are plunged and primarily for couples.