Reliance Teams

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The Teams of Our Lady are often called upon, not only by divorced couples, but also by team members, numerous priests and more generally by the Church of France, with the aim of providing human and spiritual support for people who experience this situation….

Reliance Teams propose a Christian way life for divorced Christians, who are in a new union (either remarried or not).

You set your course on hope with God and with your neighbour, with God’s help and your neighbour’s help.  

What is a Reliance Team?

Reliance Teams propose a course that is specific to divorced couples and that takes places over several years.  It allows them to help each other mutually and to make progress in their Christian lives.  The specific nature of divorced Christian couples is highlighted, but the Reliance Teams are not exclusively concentrated on their particular situation.


The proposed course is an adaptation of the Teams of Our Lady’s teaching method for couples, who in their specific situation, wish to continue to make progress in their Love of God and for that, they wish to rediscover or solidify an impetus of spiritual life and a confident integration within the Church.
The course starts from concrete real life situations in order to analyse them and see what enables one to progress…with the certainty of being loved by God just as we are and with the certainty that a Christian present and future are possible for each and every one.


A team is made up of 4 or 5 divorced couples and a motivated couple, who accompany the team.  They are in contact with a priest or deacon, who is called to this mission.  The Team meets monthly if possible and pools the questions and life experiences of each member around a chosen subject topic.  Ideally, each couple should have the team over to their house on a rota basis.  The meeting can begin or end with a cup of coffee, a snack or a dinner.

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