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TANDEM is a course, which brings together in teams young married (or not) couples, who wish to exchange and reflect along with others on various aspects of their daily life and on the meaning of their life, with a desire to reconnect with a life of faith and a subsequent commitment.  TANDEM answers a need in the Church that is anxious to propose a course for young couples that is adapted to their situations..

What’s Tandem?

TANDEM is an introductory course which brings together young couples (married or not) who wish to exchange and think with others about different aspects of their daily lives and about the meaning of life, with a view to renewing their life of faith. Tandem answers a need within the Church by offering a course adapted to young couples and their particular situation.

How is a Tandem Team made up and how does it work?

Each team, made up of 4 to 5 couples, is usually formed after the couples have already attended some kind of course at the parish level, like Marriage Preparation, Baptism Preparation, Catechism Classes, Parish information day…  The Tandem Team is accompanied by an ‘older’ couple and where possible also by a priest or deacon.  Tandem Teams meet regularly over 2 years usually once a month, but each Team figures it out for themselves. 

The course is made up of 22 topics.  The subjects are practical and varied, for example, money, hobbies, the family as a welcoming place, the in-laws, solidarity, volunteer work, the place of religion, being a Christian and a citizen…and allow for real progress in the thinking and spiritual life of each person and each couple.

Before the meeting, each couple is asked to reflect individually and as a couple on one of the 18 topics and this helps personal reflection as well as sharing and dialogue within the couple.  

During the meeting, which may start with a simple meal or just dessert, different moments are proposed.  A time of sharing and dialogue within the Team using questions and texts (both profane & biblical) which help the exchange, but also more spiritual moments (reading of a Gospel text, a prayer, a meditative text, or a song).

There are currently over 120 Tandem Teams in France.

How to start a Tandem Team?

  • Contact www.equipestandem.org or the National Coordinating Couple for Tandem: 
    Gil & Brigitte de Guerry: + 33 6 61 32 94 34 ; contact.tandem@wanadoo.fr
  • Download a Sample Presentation from the site and a registration form for your Team.
  • Send the registration form to : Secrétariat des Equipes Notre-Dame - 49, rue de la Glacière 75013 PARIS 
    Tél. : + 33 1 43 36 08 20 

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