Youth Teams of Our Lady

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The YTOL (Youth Teams of Our Lady) is a movement within the Catholic Church for young single people aged between 18 and 30 years old, whether they are students or young professionals.

With Whom?

The basic cell of the YTOL Movement is the team, comprising 6 to 8 young people, an accompanying couple and a Spiritual Counsellor (priest or nun).  The Team does not change and continues to progress together over several years.

“They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus…”  (Ac 1, 14)


The Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL) International Movement originated during at the International Meeting (IM) of the TOL couples (END) in Rome in 1976.  The elder children of Team members were invited and 110 young people from 5 continents came to Rome and over 6 days experienced an exceptional moment of faith, love and community spirit… An experience that they very naturally wanted to prolong once they got home.  With the help of Father Guy Thomazeau, this led to the creation of the YTOL.

Stemming from the Teams of Our Lady, the YTOL use the teaching methods and spirituality developed by Father Caffarel to allow couples to respond to the call to holiness.  Whatever their state, every Christian must seek to respond to this call and hence the creation of YTOL for young single people.  It is a movement of spiritual formation that allows the youth to follow a path of growth according to the two dimensions of Christian life. 

  • A place of sharing and listening in a climate of mutual confidence
  • A means to discover the Love of God and to live & experience it within the Church community
  • A community where everyone becomes involved and responsible for their own progress
  • An invitation to confide in Mary, who is a way to go towards Christ.


The Team meets once a month and the meeting is divided into four moments:

  • Sharing: a personal analysis of the month gone by in the light of Faith
  • Study of a topic prepared ahead of time by two team members
  • Deciding on a point of effort to practise for the following month
  • Prayer

The year is also marked by various events organised within towns, a national weekend, regional weekends and national or international gatherings in the summer. A mass and regional weekend is organised every year.

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