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Derrière cette fenêtre, quelqu'un prie pour les hommes. Pourquoi pas vous ?

Strengthened by this idea that everyone can be called to intercede, the ‘Intercessors’ Family’ invites its members, in line with Father Caffarel’s thinking, to find themselves in a Church Movement to pray for Christian marriage and the family.

God counts on our prayer of intercession.

During his talks, Father Caffarel often spoke of it: 

"The Christian who prays fulfils the call that Jesus allows him hear in the secret of his soul, the very one that God already addressed to the those under the Ancient Law: My son, give me your heart. Give me your heart, your lips, your life.  I wish to adore the Father in you and through you, to sing his praises, to give him thanks for his great glory and invincible love, to continue my immense intercession for humanity in distress."
(Letters about Prayer – 1961)

Who are we today?

The family of ‘Intercessors’ developed over the years and has evolved in response to new needs.  It spread throughout the world, all the while maintaining its specific nature. 
Through its members’ intercession, a continuous chain of prayer is maintained both day and night, prayer to which a great number of couples are united in love…without mentioning all the other graces obtained.
Prayer, fasting and the daily offering up of one’s life are the three ways of becoming an Intercessor. 

A chain of intercession is thus created thanks to the commitment of the members of this large family as everyone assumes their personal responsibility in complete consciousness of their faith.

Without necessarily knowing each other, the Intercessors feel connected to each other through the Quarterly Letter that they receive along with specific personal intentions.  They also get together in France for retreats at Massabielle that are specifically designed for them and where the teachings are oriented around prayer and intercession.

An international organisational team is at the service of the Intercessors and is helped by a Spiritual Counsellor.

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