Intercessors Prayer

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General Intention: Lord, You have given us Mary as Mother and model for our families. Help us to make our family a place where love, peace and joy reign. May everyone be benevolent, gentle, considerate and patient. May everyone see only the good in the other person. May spouses be filled with tenderness for each other. May we be united in the joys as well as in the hardships thanks to prayer. May prayer be at the heart of our family. May we be deeply contemplative, intensely Eucharistic, and vibrant with joy.

Pope Francis' universal intention: "Families in Difficulty. That families in need may receive the necessary support and that children may grow up in healthy and peaceful environments." 

Read the Intercessors' Quartely Letter: 

2019 : 166 April 2019 -165 January 2019

2018: 164 October 2018 - 163 July 2018 - 162 April 2018 - 161 January 2018

2017: 160 October 2017 159 July 2017 - 158 April 2017 - 157 January 2017

2016: 156 October 2016 - 155 July 2016 - 154 April 2016153 January 2016 

2015: 152 October 2015 - 151 July 2015 - 150 April 2015 

Father meditation.

Life is just like that and we know it. There is a time for truly happy moments and a time for ordeals that we never wished to face. We could complain, but that is not helpful. It is better to look, if possible, to the future, and seek to see how or what we are experiencing contributes to life, to love.

Father Caffarel will enlighten us. «Avidity, lies, presumption, precipitation, so many defects that are more or less found in all types of young love. It is only with time, it is only when tested (and the test of time is not the smallest of tests) that the defects of youth are gradually corrected by love. Then, affirmed and confirmed, it enters into a new phase. The spiritual masters teach us that man in his quest for God must first purify himself during the first stage of the spiritual journey, that they call, “the purgative life.” Only afterwards will he enter into the “illuminative life,” where the stress will be put on, no longer the defects to be corrected, but on the progress to be made in love. This passage from one path to the other is called the “second conversion.” This is a general law of love, of all love, and therefore of married love.” 

In the course of a couple’s life, love seeks to purify itself so that it can progressively become more vigorous and beautiful. There are probably prerequisite passages. The light or shadows can alternate up until the moment when a certain stability is established. The ordeals themselves can become fruitful because, freed from their weight, they show us that the love that is in us is stronger than we thought: it holds strong. The ordeals also tell us that it is possible to love each other beyond everything else. Father Caffarel talks about a “second conversion.” It becomes the strong foundation of life. Love and its joy develop. Tremors can still occur… The essential thing has been experienced and lived through and hope is there. We can get through the ordeal more serenely.

The Lord leads us therefore through our human love to one where his divine love comes to reside.

Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits, o.p., Spiritual Counsellor to the Intercessors

Intercession is not a speciality, nor a particular mystical state.

It’s open to all Christians, who enter in to prayer with the Lord.
It’s a prayer of communion with the Spirit and with the Father’s desire that all be saved. 
It’s a prayer, inspired by the Spirit that is attentive to the salvation of all, to the healing of all wounds, the most hidden and secret ones as well as the most visible ones.
It’s the offering up of our lives, with Christ, in favour of our closest and most distant brothers and sisters.

May they pray… for every home and most especially for those who particularly count on them.
Father Henri Caffarel. 

Intercessors’ Prayer:

God, Our Father,
You sent your beloved Son to save the world. He is now seated at Your right hand where he ceaselessly intercedes for his human brothers.
Born by the Spirit, we wish to unite ourselves to his prayer for the salvation of all.
May priests and couples be faithful to their commitments in the service of the Church’s communion, by glowing with the love that you have put in their hearts. 
May all your children throughout the world discover the happiness you give and may they live in respect, dignity, joy and peace.
God, Our Father, through the intercession of Our Lady and of all the saints, let us Intercessors, fulfil our service out of love for you and out of love for men. 

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