College ERI 2021


The II International Virtual College will be held from 18 to 24 July. The circumstances of the pandemic do not yet allow for international travel and a meeting with people from more than 20 countries, from Canada to Australia, was still unthinkable. These meetings are held every year during the summer and bring together the members of the International Responsible Team (ERI) and the councillors and responsibles of the Super-Regions and members of regions directly linked to the ERI, i.e. areas that do not have enough teams to constitute a Super-Region, but do have a significant entity and a geographical or linguistic distance from other areas that would be difficult to join.

There has been an enthusiastic and committed response from couples and priests who have been invited to collaborate in this virtual College which will have as its motto: “Christian Marriage, leaven in the world”. The logo shows the cross as the heart and centre of Christian life and marriage and the world in which the Word of God is spread. With concave circles this Word of God expands like yeast that helps to increase the dough.

From Pope Francis’ prayer for Our Earth published at the end of the Encyclical Laudato Si, a series of reflections for each day has been constructed. It is a hymn of love for the Father and gratitude for the whole of Creation, which wants to take care of the common home that is our Earth. Taking some of the verbs in this prayer and linking them to the idea of Christian marriage as leaven for the world, we will reflect each day on various themes. Some of the words that will resonate within us will be sowing, loving, caring, helping, building, protecting, recognising, sharing, preparing for a better future…..  And in all of them, Christian marriage has a lot to contribute and to say.

This college also always has a strong time of thanksgiving for those who finish their service and of welcoming those who begin it. In this regard, there are changes in the regions of Canada and India and SR Australia, so we will be welcoming new couples and priests. The celebration of the final Eucharist on Saturday 24th will be open and broadcast to all Teams on the YouTube ERI Communication channel. We will shortly announce the broadcasting times.

From a few days before we will have a spiritual preparation that will help us to arrive at the beginning of this important meeting with an open heart. We believe that it can also help us to feel part of a larger community, which is concerned and attentive to all of us, which prays for those who will be gathered during this week. So we invite you to remember the days when this meeting will be taking place. You will be able to follow the news of what is happening through our international Facebook page where we will keep you informed.  May it be an occasion for us to thank the efforts of so many couples and councillors who work to be at our service and at the service of the Kingdom.