International College in Medway, USA

This year, the College was held in Medway, close to Boston in the United States of America from July 20th to 25th. Joseph and Inès Varao, responsible couple for the United States Super-Region, were the organizers of this College that was prayerful, studious but also festive. The kindness of our American hosts profoundly moved us.
The previous week, the International Leading Team had held its third meeting of the year to discuss the various different works in progress and to outline the perspectives for the future.
For many responsible couples and spiritual counsellors, it was a baptism of fire. It was wonderful to see that most of them were young, enthusiastic and forward moving and looking! As Tó and Zé Moura Souares, the Responsible Couple of the International Leading Team, highlighted, couples and families need to be encouraged and helped in their spiritual development more than ever today. There were sessions on different subjects including sexuality; the evangelic sense of contributing; communication. The wonderful testimonials on ‘The Family as a Source of Hope’ were particularly remarkable.
Intense moments of prayer including a night of adoration, beautiful and meditative masses, numerous exchanges between all participants at the various meetings and during meals and a very hospitable opening evening meant that everyone recharged their batteries and returned home extremely happy to serve Christ in the name of the Teams of Our Lady.

As is the custom, every six years the International College is held in Rome. So the next one is planned for Rome and will be followed by a Gathering of Regional Responsible Couples as well as a possible audience with Pope Francis.