International Leading Team

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José and Maria Berta MOURA SOARES



Father Jacinto FARIAS
Responsible Couple Spiritual Counsellor
For the Teams of Our Lady, being in charge
must not be a burden, but a vocation to serve
with love…
 The Teams of Our Lady are the place where the two sacraments of marriage and priesthood are united.  The role of the International Spiritual Counsellor is to guarantee that the Movement remains faithful to its charisma and mission.


Georges and Mahassen KHOURY
Paul and Helena McCLOSKEY
Great Britain
José Antonio and Amaya MARCEN-ECHANDI
Roberto and Graça ROCHA
Liaison couple for the Central European Zone Liaison couple for the Eurasian zone Liaison couple for the Eurafrican Zone Liaison couple for the American Zone
Being faithful to the charism of the Teams of Our Lady, achieving unity in diversity, respecting specificity and different cultures in a zone as mixed as the CentrEurope Zone calls for prayer, listening, and an openness of heart to the work of the Spirit.  As Liaison Couple for Eurasia, our priority is to ensure that all Teams of Our Lady members feel that they truly belong to the movement, while respecting the different cultures and traditions of the Zone.  Some members come from sister churches, including the orthodox one, and others are from the Protestant churches. In our EurAfrica Zone, we wish to live in a true spirit of communion, so that our teams, living communities made up of priests and couples, may reflect the image of a united and missionary Church.  This is an important aspect of our charism. In the America Zone, the Teams of Our Lady want their teams to be true training schools of ‘missionary disciple’ couples and want their members bear witness to married holiness in the Church and in the world by increasingly living a love that creates communion.


Rémi and Françoise GAUSSEL
Edgardo and Clarita BERNAL FANDIÑO
Pedro and Teresa BOBONE
Couple responsible for Communication and relationship with young couples Couple responsible for the Satellite Teams  Couple Responsible for the Secretariat
For the Teams of Our Lady, communication ought to be, as Pope Francis said, a tool to enable encounters and the bearing witness, particularly for the youth, to the beauty and richness of the relationship between men and women, between parents and children. The Teams of Our Lady are concerned with updating, revitalising and galvanising the life of their members, by reflecting upon and intensifying their pedagogy and all the subject topics that concern today’s world.  The Satellite Teams are a dynamic international strength that, with this intention and the suggestions of the International Leading Team (ERI), serve the Movement. In order to love each other as Christ loved us, it is necessary to serve each other.  This is what we do in the administrative office.  We are servants working for the building of the large Teams of Our Lady family.