Italian National Session for Spiritual Counsellors and Companions

The Italian National Session for Spiritual Counsellors and Companions has just taken place.

Every three years, the Italian Super-Region organises this gathering to enable the priests and nuns/brothers/monks, who form part of our Teams, to take time together to train and exchange.
The meeting took place in Saint Mary of the Angels, near Assisi, Italy and this helped us develop a sense of fraternity and mutual attentiveness.  There were numerous participants from all over Italy, with each person wanted to converge on the common path within the Movement.  We were delighted to have with us two sisters and two priests from the Romanian Teams that we had just met.  Calin and Alexandru gave us their testimonial of being both priests/Spiritual Counsellors and at the same time being married and fathers.  It was another occasion to experience the wealth and beauty that emerge from encountering realities that are different to the ones we are used to.

Over these three days, we relived Jesus’s experience in Bethany in his friends’ house and re-read our Team meetings, giving value to the signs that accompany our meetings (the table that is set, the bread, wine, water, candlelight, Bible). We relived in concrete terms the path travelled together by both couples and Spiritual Counsellors, travel companions on the road, Seekers of God.

Teresa and Gianni ANDREOLI
Responsible Couple for Italy Super-Region