Lenten Message 2020

We are about to begin the liturgical time of Lent: a time when the Church summons us to return to God and to His will. Jesus Christ, present in the Word, once again urges us to convert, to profoundly change our thinking, desires and actions.

In his Lenten message, the Pope invites us, once more, to a true and urgent conversion.

The term used in the New Testament is El término μετάνοια which refers to a change of attitude, thinking and reason.  But above all, to a change of actions.

The Lenten conversion that leads us to God is not only an activity that takes us into our inner selves, but above all, it steers us to take concrete commitments in favour of our brothers and sisters, especially those who need more compassion, mercy and solidarity.

It is not something that is merely spiritual, but it is something that transcends our daily endeavours to take us beyonds our personal interests and lead us to our neighbours who might need our presence, our kind words, our action.

May this Lent mark a true change in our behaviour. May it be the occasion that prepares us to experience coherently the pascal renewal of our Baptism.

I wish that you may experience deeply and fully this Lent that approaches.

Fr Ricardo Londoño