The Joy of Love

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large coupleThe apostolic exhortation, "Amoris laetitia," published by Pope Francis on Friday, April 8th, 2016, is a very beautiful ode to the family.  In this work, the Pope encourages the Church to pay particular attention to the "inevitable frailty of human life."  He does not propose a new law that applies to everyone.  Instead he proposes a path of discernment, a more demanding approach indeed, but one filled with hope.  He looks at everyone with realism and mercy.  It is not a question of placing people under the yoke of the law, but of placing the law in the service of people.  It is necessary to avoid judgments that do not take into account the complexity of various situations.  Laxism just like rigorism is not to be found in the Gospels.  It is a question of inviting everyone to start to follow Christ with discernment.  Priests must be facilitators and not the "custom officials" of grace.

This document is a magnificent call to personal awareness and responsibility.  The logic of what is permitted or forbidden is not the only possibility; the path of mercy is open to us.

A document that absolutely must be read and meditated upon!