A Stained Glass Window for the New Year

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Lord, you offer me this new year
like a stained glass window to assemble
with the 365 pieces of all colours
which represent the days of my life.

In it, I will put the red of my love
and my enthusiasm,
the mauve of my troubles and sorrows,
the green of my hopes and the pink of my dreams,
the blue or grey of my commitments
or my struggles,
the yellow and gold of my harvests.

I will set aside white for ordinary days,
and black for those where you will be absent.

I will cement everything with the prayer of my faith,
and with my serene confidence in You.

Lord, I simply ask you to illuminate,
from the inside, this stained glass window of my life
with the light of your presence
and the fire of your spirit of life.

So that, through transparency,
those I will meet this year,
will maybe find in it
the face of your beloved Son
Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Gaston Lecleir, Rythmes et spirales vers Dieu