Being there, Lord, when the night falls

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Being there, Lord, when the night falls.
Being there, like hope:
Maybe we will touch the edge of your light...
Being there, Lord, during the night, within our very depths
This tremendous hope:
Maybe we will help someone, far away from us, to live.
Being there, Lord, having practically nothing more to say,
Like in the depths of a heart that loves,
Having our gaze nowhere else except on that flame tip
From which emerges the life that changes us into flames.
Being there, Lord, like a peaceful point turned towards You.
Being there with all those we love dearly,
And knowing that we bring them all into your light,
And that not an instance is lost.
Being there, Lord,
Replenishing ourselves at the Source that endlessly flows.
God of peace, whose peace is not of this world
God of a life that will abolish all death
God, the companion, who is within us daily,
Amongst us,
Be with us now and forever. 

Sister Myriam, former Prioress of the Deaconesses of Reuilly