Constant Prayer

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To listen, to meditate, to talk and to be silent in front of the speaking Lord is an art that is learned by practicing it constantly. Prayer is a gift that asks to be welcomed. It is God’s work, but it requires commitment and continuity on our part.  Continuity and consistency are important.
Persevering in prayer we will understand and experience that the prayer is the breath of life in the same way as love is breath for two people that are in love.
Prayer is our communion with the Son and the Father in the Holy Spirit that brings us into communion with the creation and with our brothers and sisters. Prayer is the human life fully realized. For this reason, we must pray always without becoming discouraged if God seems deaf to our prayer. It is not important what He gives us. Important is that we are with him and we trust him. This is the real fruit of prayer. It is like an open channel in which flows the oxygen of God, the life of God that we breathe.
In profound friendship with Jesus, living in him and with him the filial relationship with the Father and through faithful and constant prayer, we can open the windows over God’s Heaven.  Moreover, following the path of prayer we can help others to follow it. Even for the Christian prayer it is true that, walking this path, other paths, that must be faithfully followed, can be open.
Saint Teresa of Calcutta taught: “The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace “. To the question that a nun had asked on how to learn to pray, this great and humble saint replied: “By praying”. She added: “We are not asked to be good, but to be faithful. Start and end the day with prayer. Go to God like children. If you find it hard to pray, you can say: ‘Come, Holy Spirit, guide me, protect me, and clear my mind so that I can pray.’ Prayer does not require you to interrupt your work, but to continue the work as if it were a prayer. What matters is being with Him, live in Him, in His will.” In order to be with Christ, it is not necessary to have a doctorate of any kind but just to be like Mother Teresa, a person of prayer and faith. It is enough to be like the farmer, a parishioner of Ars, that every evening after work in the fields went to church and spent a long time there without opening his mouth, but contemplated Christ on the cross. To the question of the Saint Curé of Ars on how he filled that long prayer time, this humble worker of the land answered: “I look at him (Christ) and He looks at me.”

By Monsignor Francesco FOLLO – 14 october 2016