God says, “Christian couple…”

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God says, “Christian couple, you are my pride and hope.
When I created heaven and earth, and the great lights in the sky, I saw in my creatures the vestiges of my perfection, and I thought it was good.
When I covered the earth with its great cloak of fields and forests, I saw that it was good.
When I created countless animals according to their kind, I contemplated a reflection of my overflowing life in these living and abundant beings, and I found that it was good.
A great solemn and jubilant hymn celebrating my glory and perfection rose from all my creation.
And yet nowhere did I see the image of what is the most secretive, the most fervent part of my life.
And so, the need to reveal the best of myself was awakened in me and it was my finest invention.
That is how I created you, O human couple, "in my image and my likeness," and I saw that it was very good.
In the midst of this universe, where every creature spells out my glory and celebrates my perfection, at last love had arisen to reveal my Love.
O human couple, my beloved creature, my privileged witness, do you understand why you are dear to me amongst all creatures, do you understand the immense hope that I put in you?
You bear my reputation, my glory.  For the universe, you are the great reason to hope ... because you are love.”

Henri Caffarel