Lord Jesus, Hope of the Nations, Come!

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Lord Jesus, Hope of the Nations, come! May we rejoice in your divine Presence. We need counsel, help and protection. If we wish to discern between good and evil, we are too easily fooled or tempted.  But if we wish to do good, we lack the courage; if we force ourselves to resist evil, too often we sadly experience our own fragility.  We are vanquished, we succumb.  Come then and cure our blindness, help our weakness, protect our fragility.  Come, O Splendour of the Glory of God, O WIsdom of God, O Strength of God. Change our shadows into light, preserve us from the perils that threaten us, soothe us in the difficulties we encounter, strengthen our courage in the combats we must affront, so that having held us by the hand and led us, according to your Will, in this life down here on earth, You may receive us one day in the permanent CIty of which you are the Founder and the Architect.

 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux - Adventu Domini Sermon