A Few Words for Advent

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For those who believe in Jesus Christ, the year does not begin on January 1st nor end on December 31st.  We begin our celebration of the year starting with the preparation for Christmas, the feast of Christ’s birth.  This time of preparation begins four Sundays before December 25th and is called Advent. The word comes from the Latin adventus, which means, “arrival,” from advenire (ad ‘to’ + venire ‘come’).

During these weeks and using the Word, meditation, the liturgy and other signs, we will follow a process that will lead us to refresh the presence of the Saviour Messiah, who came to us in the land of Palestine twenty centuries ago.

The Church wishes to accompany her sons during this time by means of some signs that draw us closer to the experience of the Mystery of the Encarnation.  The Litugy is the privileged means to understand and experience what we are celebrating.  The Word of God in the Eucharist celebrations during this time is tremendously beautiful and rich in significance.  The purple colour is used in the ornaments as an indication of preparation and a penitential sign.  It is a time of austerity.  We also have the Avent crown with its green foliage that speaks of hope and life; its four lights remind us that we are preparing for the coming of Jesus, Light of the World.

Advent, with its austerity, is a time of hope and joy and the hymns and prayers enable us to welcome the Lord who is coming.

Let us make our hearts ready to experience and celebrate such a beautiful and significant time with our communities and families.

Happy Advent to EVERYONE!

Ricardo Londoño Domínguez

Spiritual Counsellor