Kilometre zero at International Gathering 2018

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 Heading for Fatima 2018!

In 2018, the XXII International Gathering of the Teams of Our Lady will be held in Fatima, Portugal. International gatherings have a long tradition in our Movement.  Every six years, team members from all over the world get together in a different place: Rome, Lourdes, Fatima, Santiago de Compostela, Brasilia… Each time, thousands of team members from Bogota, Sidney, Sao Paolo, Warsaw, Beirut or Yaoundé choose to make the effort to come together to share their joy and their desire to follow, as a couple, the path outlined by Christ.
Thus it is that more than 8000 team members exchange, meet up and pray together, each in their own language, each with their own culture, but all with the same Christ, present amongst them!
 For those who have not experienced such moments of fervour and shared togetherness, it is impossible to grasp what a vast international movement like the Teams of Our Lady is capable of offering them! It is always a magnificent moment of brotherhood and hope.

 So now, note it down as we all get underway for Fatima 2018!