Some news from the syrian teams

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Mimi and Razek Al Abd, responsibles of the Syrian region, sent us some news of the Team members lives in this country plagued by war. Pray for them!


God’s presence constitutes a major spiritual support in our lives and daily prayer has become our irreplaceable nourishment.

For many years now, our lives are profoundly based on and constantly find their source in the Lord, so that our families can find the spiritual support they need.

This is what led us, along with our families, to renew our annual gatherings for the first time in many years:

•The Damascus Sector met in Maaret Sednaya for three days in early August 2016

•The Latakia Sector met in Latakia for a day in the Church of Our Lord, Latakia in late July 2016

•The Homs Sector met in Ghzier for a day in early April 2016

•The Aleppo Sector met at Deir Kaldan-Al-Bitar for six days in early January 2016

These gatherings formed a necessary and true spiritual revitalisation for us and our families and we felt the Holy Spirit’s strength at work in us and with us, guiding our thoughts.

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