History of the Satellite Teams

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These teams were called Satellite Teams (ST) by the ERI, undoubtedly influenced by their visit to the Johnson Space Centre in Houston and they drew the analogy with the communication, liaison and exploration that man-made satellites accomplish.

The ERI asked Carlo & Maria-Carla Volpini to ensure the general coordination between and liaison with these new satellite teams.  Five teams were set up from the start: Pedagogy, Reflection and Research, Formation, Mission and finally Communication.  They work for a period of 4 years.

During this stage, the Satellite Teams worked on and created the following documents and study topics: ‘How to Pilot a New Team,’ ‘Days for the Teams of Our Lady,’ ‘Jesus-Christ at the centre of Christian Life,’ documents for the Formation of Responsible Couple for the Sector, young couples and ‘The Teams of Our Lady Couples on Mission.’  This work gave unity and a new dynamism to communication within the Movement.

In 2006, the ERI restructured the Satellite Teams by analysing what had been accomplished.  For this second stage, the ERI appointed To & Zé Moura Soares as the general coordinators and Father Ricardo London as the single Spiritual Counsellor for all the Satellite Teams.  This second stage began in October 2007 and finished in April 2012 and produced the following documents:

The Pedagogy Team

  • The Team meeting (official document)
  •  Study Topic: ‘The Team Meeting'
  •  Study Topic: ‘The Mystic of the Endeavours and the Sharing
  •  Study Topic: ‘The Teams of Our Lady Couples on Mission’

The Christian Formation Team

  • ‘Christian Formation in the Teams of Our Lady: a Way’
  • ‘For Initial Formation’
  • ‘For Permanent Formation’
  • ‘For Specific Formation’
  • ‘Vocabulary Specific to the Teams of Our Lady’

The Elder Teams

  •  ‘The Teams of Our Lady and their Elders’

The Young Couples

  • ‘Young Couples in the Teams of Our Lady Today.  What does that mean?’

Father Caffarel

  • Henri Caffarel: Prophet of the Sacrament of Marriage

Spiritual Conjugality

  • Spiritual conjugality
  • Study Topic: ‘The Way of Spiritual Conjugality in the Couple