Novena Father Caffarel

The novena for the 25th anniversary of the death of Father Henri Caffarel is approaching. It will take place under the motto: “Father Caffarel, a companion on our way to God ”But love is my substance”. It will take place from Friday 10th to Saturday 18th September 2021. We already have the teasers in all the languages, to ensure the diffusion. They are published on the Facebook, they are also in the list of reproduction of Father Caffarel’s novena on the Eri communication Youtube channel and we are sending you the links as well. We will give you more information in the next few days as the various elements of this novena will be proposed in the five official languages of Equipes Notre-Dame on the international website and we will provide you with the links so that you can share them in your SR and R. A very beautiful and moving initiative of union in prayer

Teaser, trailer in english