News from the International Leading Team

The ERI continues its work for Team members throughout the world… and last month, March 8th-12th, 2016, found them in Barcelona, Spain, for a meeting with the Spanish Responsible Couple, Mercédès and Alvaro Pérez, as well as with Catalan team members and their Responsible Couple, Anna and Albert Mascaró-Padros, who welcomed the ERI with passion, kindness and hospitality… The ERI received a particularly warm welcome by the Sisters at the Jesuit Retreat House Casa de Ejercicios Sant Ignasi, run by the Handmaids of Christ the King, who did their utmost to ensure that we were able to work in great conditions…!

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Private Prayer
Married Prayer
Information Couple’s Guide

The International Leading Team encourages you to join the Intercessors’ family in order to pray for the Teams of Our Lady Movement, for couples, for the sacrament of marriage, for the world’s intentions and be linked up with all those who pray throughout the world.
Let us not forget the stirring call of Father Caffarel, our founder, “Volunteers are needed.  I am therefore launching an urgent call for volunteers because my aim is to have couples relay each other in prayer continuously every night.”