About us

Journeying with Christ, both personally and as a couple, experiencing the sacrament of marriage on a daily basis, bearing fruit: such are the goals of the members of Teams of Our Lady. Telling our spouse ‘I love you’ also means, “We will do everything it takes to make our love grow, so that the project that we are undertaking will be a thrilling adventure.

The creation of a movement of couples, that wish to become holy through the sacrament of marriage, was a great event in the Church, a true revolution. Teams of Our Lady is a movement of married spirituality and a way of belonging to a team within a ‘Christian community of couples.’ At the time, this was considered to be a novelty and now is considered to be a charism, a gift from God to his Church.

From Human Love, a way towards God…to Christian Marriage, a journey with God. Father Caffarel (1903-1996) had a deeply held conviction that couples were made for happiness. Marriage is one way towards this because the love received and the love given are sources of happiness. For him, human love was fundamentally a way to gain access to God, through Jesus Christ.

Teams of Our Lady : a vast programme for the sacrament of marriage! Father Caffarel’s wonderful idea!