Rule in the Teams of Our Lady

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“For the spirit of Teams to be alive and lasting, there has to be a rule.” 

A beautiful ambition for Christian couples :
To give God the place in our lives that he deserves!
Because in the end, didn’t we commit to each other in front of Him
To love each other and bear fruit?
And did He not commit with us, before us
By forgiving us and loving us right to the end?

Yes indeed, thank you, Father Caffarel!
Thank you for your call
To base ourselves on Christ
By giving ourselves the means!

Listening to the Word of God, Private Prayer
For greater communion
Rule of life, Conjugal Prayer
For the couple, it’s vital!
Annual Retreat and the ‘Sit-Down’
Necessary breaks in our busy lives!

In order to continue to grow in Holiness,
We cannot remain alone.

Every month, the team members
Like to get together
With fraternal demands, in simplicity and in truth,
They help each other mutually, in prayer and friendship
And experience moments of sharing,
Which give meaning to the sacrament of Marriage.

Thank you Teams of Our Lady !

 Free form poem written by Team members.