Why the Teams ?

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Journeying with Christ, both personally and as a couple, experiencing the sacrament of marriage on a daily basis, bearing fruit:  such are the goals of the members of Teams of Our Lady.

Telling our spouse ‘I love you’ also means :

We will do everything it takes to make our love grow, so that the project that we are undertaking will be a thrilling adventure.  We are going to build something together, in the sight of and with the help of God.”

Purpose of Teams of Our Lady

The purpose of Teams of Our Lady is to help couples discover the riches contained in the sacrament of marriage and to help them live together in faith.  Teams of Our Lady couples want to bear witness to Christian marriage in the Church and in the world.

Teams of Our Lady is a movement of conjugal spirituality within the Catholic Church and is made up of couples who believe in the ideal of Christian marriage and who want to

  • Base their lives as a couple and as a family on the Gospel
  • Remain faithful to their baptismal promises
  • Put Christ at the centre of their lives
  • Seek to know better God’s will for men and women in order to bring it about
  • Bear witness to God’s love
  • Carry Christ’s message to the world
  • Bear witness to Christian values in their social and professional lives
  • Contribute actively to the Church, its bishops and clergy
  • Associate their activities with God and be of service to others
  • Promote marriage and family life within society

Teams of Our Lady couples count on the support of those who share their ideal and commit to making up a ‘team’ because they realise the difficulty of living as a Christian and because they are aware of their weaknesses and the inadequacy of their efforts.

The word ‘team’ implies the idea of a precise goal that is actively pursued collectively.

In order to know God and his teachings better, to deepen their religious knowledge and to ‘meet’ God in prayer, Teams of Our Lady couples commit to helping each other, studying together and praying for one another.

Why is it called ‘’Teams of Our Lady”?

The Movement is placed under the protection of Our Lady because Mary leads to Christ, who is the centre of the team members’ spiritual life.  For them, Mary is a perfect example of the ‘yes’ to God’s call.

The spirit of teams of Our Lady

“Come, follow me”

Christ addressed this call to every person who is baptised, inviting him or her to open themselves up to his love and to bear witness to it.  Christ also addressed this call to Christian couples and spouses are called to find God at the heart of their conjugal love.  Thus human love is a reflection of divine love.

The Charism of Teams of Our Lady

Teams of Our Lady, a movement of conjugal spirituality, is considered to be a gift from God for all couples that live and experience it.

Conjugal Spirituality

The desire to know and to do God’s will in all the ordinary circumstances of life, the seeking out of his presence, help develop and deepen a couple’s spirituality, called ‘conjugal spirituality.’  Divine love finds its expression in human love when everyday life is filled with the spouses’ attention to and concern for each other, their support and absolute fidelity, their mutual understanding and respect, their harmony of heart and soul.

When the simplest tasks are filled with love, the Lord is at the heart of the couple.  And spirituality becomes a living reality.

The Mystique of Teams of Our Lady

The team members are gathered together in Christ’s name. 

“When two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst.” ( Mt 18, 20) 

A team is more than a human community because it gathers together in Christ’s name.  Christ is present at our meetings.  Gathered together in His name, His spirit nourishes our faith and makes it grow.

Personal and Conjugal Assistance

Carry each other’s burdens...“ (Ga 6, 2)

Couples involved in a team help each other out materially as well as spiritually.

They try to fulfil the four requests of fraternal love: giving, receiving and this is the most difficult one, asking and knowing when to refuse .

Marriage is a compact that evolves from the moment the first ‘Yes’ is pronounced to the final moments before returning to the Father.  This journey of love that the couples undertake can be experienced over time, if conjugal assistance is a daily reality.  Thus in marriage, each spouse will grow by making the best of the differences and similarities in their couple.