References to Christian marriage

Genesis - Chapter 1, Chapter 2

The Bible presents us with the story of a people’s journey, Israel’s, in the light of God. It is only gradually that Israel discovered the demands of the Law given by God to Moses. It is similar in marriage. Mankind could only discover the demands of true love through mistakes and failures. The Bible helps us discover this path.

Faithfulness, Spirituality, Redemption, Fruitfulness, Mission.

Married love demands, by its very nature, inviolable fidelity from the spouses. This is the consequence of the gift of themselves that each makes to the other.

De facto unions, the number of which is progressively increasing, are based on a false conception of an individual's freedom to choose and on a completely individualistic vision of marriage and family.

The source of Christian love is not in man’s heart. It is in God. There is only one piece of advice to give to spouses who wish to love, who wish to learn to love more and more: seek God, love God, be united with God, give Him all the room!

The Book of Exodus speaks to us of the people’s journey through the desert. We can imagine them as they walked, led by Moses; they were families: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, grandparents, men and women of all ages, accompanied by many children and the elderly who struggled to make the journey.