Team Life

The team is not an end in itself ; it is at the service of its members; it allows them: to experience special times of prayer together and of sharing; to help one another effectively in journeying to the Lord and bearing witness to Him. In the life of every Christian community one can distinguish three phases : The community turns, with Christ, to the Father to welcome His love...

To pursue a direction of spiritual and human growth involves making a logical plan and giving oneself the means to follow it faithfully.“Experience shows that, without precise points of application, guidelines are liable to remain a dead letter”.

“Your husband is not well, I’m afraid. He needs to go to hospital as quickly as possible,” the radiologist exclaimed. I had thought as much, but the coup de grace was delivered when the lung specialist in the casualty department thought it necessary to add, “He has several tumours and there’s no way we can operate!”. A new journey was beginning for me, was it the last one?