The new Satellite Teams have already begun their work…

The new ERI has a new couple responsible for the Satellite Teams, Mariola and Elizeu Calsing, who have just constituted the 4 teams that will work on the 4 themes proposed for the coming years. The first meeting with all these 16 couples from the 4 teams, as well as with the Spiritual Counsellor from Brazil, Fr. Paulo Renato Campos, took place from 3 to 5 October at the Retreat House of Turcifal, near Lisbon.

The 4 themes proposed for these work teams, made up of couples from all over the world, are: Young Couples, Teams of Our Lady Pedagogy, Couples in 2nd Union and Reflection and Research.

To deepen the “Pedagogy” will be at the service of Silvia and Chico Pontes, from Brazil; Rozenn and Frederic Tiberghien of France; Souad and Edouard Borgi from Lebanon; and Lucyna and Krzysztof Wysow from Poland. For the theme «Reflection and Research» were invited Fernanda and António Martini from Brazil; Carlota and Raul Galan from Spain; Mari and Luis Melo, from Portugal; and Gesella and Victor Almeida from Ecuador. Under the theme ‘Second Union’ are Nathalie and Christian Mignonat from France; Teresa and Gianni Andreolli from Italy; Claudia and Orlando Vellez Hoyos from, Colombia; and Maria da Graça and Juarez Pereira Netto, from Brazil. The theme that invests in «Young Couples» has Mercedes and Alberto Perez from Spain; Florence and Bertrand Dureuil of France; Maria Carmén and Ricardo Rodriguez from Spain; and Izabel and Paulo Amaral from Portugal.

The initial work was very positive, according to the heads of these Satellite Teams, Mariola and Elizeu. And now that the dice are rolled out, let’s pray that the work of these couples will bear much fruit for the Teams of Our Lady.


Team Couples in 2nd Union


Team Reflection and Research


Team Teams of Our Lady Pedagogy


Team Young Couples