A Word about Advent

We now find ourselves in the wonderful liturgical time of Advent.

A time that summons us and invites us to prepare to experience and celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God and his birth amongst us.

During Advent, we believers in Jesus Christ recognise the triple dimension of time:  the historical past that we remember and celebrate; the present during which we highlight** Jesus, who is continuously reborn; the eschatological future that awaits the final coming of the Lord.

As we remember, we think back to the marvellous wonders wrought by God on our behalf throughout course of the history of salvation; as we live out and experience over these days our commitment to believing, we bear witness to the presence of the Lord Jesus amidst us with work for justice and peace; and, as we prepare for the future, we are called to be vigilant throughout the passage of this time until its complete fulfilment.

It is an excellent time to review our lives, to embrace Jesus Christ who transforms us and invites us to consider the fullness of the final encounter.

During Advent, the great Biblical characters are examples for us: the prophet Isaiah who, with his poetry, his lovely images and his announcements invites us to prepare; John the Baptist, who proclaims Jesus’ imminent presence; and Mary, full of grace, who waits expectantly and will give birth to the Saviour child.

Is pray to God that the beautiful liturgy of this time (with its prayers, Biblical readings, prefaces to the Eucharistic celebration) will enable us to sacredly draw near to Christmas and the birth that we will soon celebrate.

Fr. Ricardo Londoño Domínguez,
Spiritual Counsellor of the ERI