Letter of Octobre 2019

Father Ricardo Londoño Dominguez

The speed with which events occur and the accumulation of information that bombards us via mass media and the social networks of our time, often make us lose sight of the fundamentals. We can become distracted by the details of everyday life.

Every day, our mobile phones, iPads and computers receive thousands and thousands of notifications, chats, videos, audio messages, memes, greetings, etc.  How difficult it is to prioritise what is important!

We get many messages from the world of family, work, economics, politics, emotions and the Church: Some are spiritual or religious, others are interesting, kind, funny or useless.  We are invited to adopt various activities, behaviours, attitudes, lifestyles… In a nutshell, how easy it is to lose your way! It would seem that life is only a sum of trifles and a light flurry of things that happen without leaving a trace.

Together with these realities, we have questions about the meaning of life and its significance; about transcendent values and the invitation that God extends to us to journey towards that which is full and definitive.  Jesus Christ and the Church summon us to make our existence into a visible presence of God’s mercy and compassion. The contemporary world’s problems cannot remain alien to us.

Global warming, the Amazonian crisis, desperate and mistreated migrants, violence, injustice, inequity, corruption, loss of meaning are some of the negative phenomena that accompany our journey. And yet simultaneously there is solidarity, cooperation, the search for effective and efficient solutions, the dedication of so many people to the noblest of causes, manifest mercy and compassion, the real commitment of many for a better world.

For us, Teams of Our Lady is an ongoing project and it shows us in its orientations that our belonging to the Movement must be apparent in a life of testimony and dedication; opening up and commitment; concern for the well-being of other couples; and concrete and effective service to those around us.

The question then arises about the path to follow. How should we behave and what commitment should we make? We cannot lose our way trying to solve everything. Nor can we lock ourselves in a crisis room in order to isolate ourselves and look only to our own. It is necessary to clearly observe what is around us. We need to set out objectives and proposals, and enriched by God’s love and shared life, go out and meet those in need and those who require our help.

The Lord journeys and accompanies us. He encourages and strengthens us. With Him, we can find the best way to an existence that makes sense. Let’s go! Let’s advance!


P. Ricardo Londono Dominguez,
Spiritual Counsellor

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Par Dora & João SOUSA