News from ERI

Every 3 months, ERI Spiritual Counselor, Fr. Ricardo Londoño, as well as 1 of the 8 couples on the International Team, address a written word to all SRs in the world

Letter of March 2023

Please find enclosed the new ERI mailing. We recommend you to read the text of Fr Ricardo written in these moments of reflection on Asceticism and Lent. We also send you the one that we and Faye and Kevin have written about how asceticism can be a path to holiness.

Letter of January 2023

Dear friends, We are sending you the new ERi Newsletter . We are sending you a brief account of the ERI meeting in Paris. Best regards, united in prayer

Letter of October 2022

When the beloved and venerated John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council, his intention was to invite the Church to live a process of renewal, of updating, of fidelity to its mission. The invitation was translated by the word “aggiornamento”….

Letter of August 2022

Dear friends, We are sending you the new ERi Newsletter . We are sending you a brief account of the ERI meeting and the International College at Assisi. Best regards, united in prayer

Letter of July 2022

Dear friends, our meeting in Asissi is approaching and we are very much looking forward to it because of the joy of being able to see each other again after three years. Attached you will find the mailing of the ERI nº4, which is a reflection on the Endeavours as pillars of conjugal spirituality. We look forward to seeing you all and send you a big hug!, with love. Mercedes & Alberto communication couple in the ERI

Letter of March 2022

I write this page in the midst of pain, sadness and uncertainty over the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and with Pope Francis’ Lenten invitation to us not to tire of doing good…

Letter of November 2021

It is true that through baptism, all believers experience the call to follow the Lord Jesus and receive the mission to be bearers of his Word and to be his presence in the world. Through the sacrament of marriage…

Letter of April 2021

Undoubtedly, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed many things in our lives. Each person, each family, each institution has sought the best way to adapt to the new ways of existing….

Letter of April 2020

When a threat appears on the horizon, human beings tend almost instinctively to defend themselves. It is a basic survival mechanism. The appearance of the Coronavirus in China has generated all kinds of attitudes and behaviours…

Letter of January 2020

We hear in various places and in diverse media the invitation to change into a church which “goes forth”. Moreover, Teams of Our Lady want to share this ecclesiastical invitation and also…