Letter of July 2022

Father Ricardo Londoño Dominguez

When we think about the meaning of a bond or of belonging to a group of people, there are always certain requirements that such belonging requires. In the Teams movement, the founders sought to have some guidelines which would allow them to live out the charism of the Movement. If the charism was about growing in conjugal spirituality, walking towards holiness, or responding to the commitments of marriage as a sacrament of the Church, then there would need to be relevant guidelines.

In the Charter, the section on ‘Discipline of the Teams’ mentions the fulfilment of the obligations to which each member of the team is committed. It is very interesting to recognise that we are always talking about activities and commitments that are born out of a deep sense of wanting to respond to Jesus Christ and the Church. These are not things that come from somewhere outside, but convictions that come from within and these need to be strengthened and reinforced.

Today, we refer to these commitments as Endeavours and they provide help for coherent and authentic living. They show us what it is to be part of a Team of Our Lady and part of the Movement and of the Church.

When married couples in Teams understand their own fragility and limitations, they appreciate the need to be helped and to help others. They recognise that listening to the Word of God, personal and conjugal prayer, conjugal dialogue, rules of life, spiritual retreats, etc., are the foundation on which a conjugal spirituality is built. This allows them to walk together towards holiness.

What these Endeavours mean for the coherent and authentic living of married life within Teams cannot be overemphasised. When we look carefully at what we call Pedagogy within the Movement, we find an invitation to put into practice all the tools that help us in our spiritual, marital and ministerial growth.

Because they are practical activities, they require continuous exercise to ensure their ongoing affirmation and growth. While it is true that each marriage has its own rhythm, its own particular style, its own specific moment, nevertheless, the demands of marriage must be clear for all. These are activities that require permanent effort, attention and care.

The Teams movement has dedicated time and resources to deepen the meaning, the value and the concrete possibilities of each of the Endeavours. These are precious materials for team members who wish to explore them and deepen their knowledge and practice. Texts have been published for the study and analysis of the Endeavours. These deserve constant, repeated and persistent reading and application.

Our gratitude and our admiration go to Father Caffarel and the couples who managed to shape from the beginning, this pedagogical path for couples and teams. May the assiduous and continuous practice of the Endeavours accompany us on the ascending path of our spirituality.


Ricardo Londoño Domínguez
Spiritual Counsellor


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