Father Caffarel – Founder

Father Caffarel (1903-1996) had a deeply held conviction that couples were made for happiness.  Marriage is one way towards this because the love received and the love given are sources of happiness. 

Who are the Intercessors?

God did not leave man alone to face the mysteries of his existence. He gave him his Word, his Word of Life incarnate in Jesus; and the Church set up by Christ and enlivened by his Spirit, bears witness to Him. Moreover, a permanent dialogue exists between God and man: intercession is there close by and as simple as the way of the sons towards their Father.

Letter of April 2019

Amidst the abundance of ecclesiastic events during the first quarter of the year, I would like to refer to two very significant ones: World Youth Day held in Panama (WYD) 2019 and the 80th anniversary of that very memorable meeting that was the beginning of Teams of Our Lady.

Movement’s History

It was in 1939 that Father Caffarel was called by 4 couples who wanted help to grow spiritually…

Christian Formation

The doctrine of the Catholic Church on a platform that helps the Christian formation of Team couples


All Guides that support the various services of the Teams

Charter of the Teams of Our Lady (1947-1977)

We live in an age of contrasts. On the one hand, divorces, adultery, free love and neo-malthusianism are widespread; on the other hand, a growing number of couples aspire to a thoroughly Christian life. Some of these have founded the Teams of Our Lady…