Letter of July 2019

My very dear Team members,Sharing with the brothers in the Movement is always an enriching experience

Teams World Map

There are dozens of Super Regions, Regions and Sectors on all continents. Know the reality of Teams

The ERI in Lebanon

The International Leading Team (ERI) went to Lebanon for a few days, for a meeting that combined work and pleasure.

International Leading Team

8 couples from all over the world and 1 Spiritual Counselor make the Team that serves all couples worldwide

The Statistics of the Teams of our Lady 2018

Each year, at the end of the year, the RR and SR check the situation of the teams, couples, counselors and spiritual advisors, as well as the status of the pilots and transmit the results to the International Secretariat.

Local Websites

The websites of the various countries that are part of SR and RR

Vocation & Mission

The document written by ERI, published and delivered at the Fatima International Meeting 2018 to all team members, serves as a guide and guide to ERI’s reflections and work in the coming years.

Team Life

The team is not an end in itself ; it is at the service of its members; it allows them: to experience special times of prayer together and of sharing; to help one another effectively in journeying to the Lord and bearing witness to Him….