Being a christian couple in the Middle East

Josette and Fadi are the couple responsible for the Region of Lebanon. Last year, in April, the couples of the International Leading Team were in Beirut and collected this testimony in which Josette and Fadi reveal to us a little what it is to be Christian and to be part of the Teams of Our Lady in the Middle East.

Letter of January 2020

We hear in various places and in diverse media the invitation to change into a church which “goes forth”. Moreover, Teams of Our Lady want to share this ecclesiastical invitation and also…

Paroles pour l’Avent

For those who believe in Jesus Christ, the year does not begin on January 1st nor end on December 31st.


International Leading Team

8 couples from all over the world and 1 Spiritual Counselor make the Team that serves all couples worldwide

Why Get Married?

De facto unions, the number of which is progressively increasing, are based on a false conception of an individual’s freedom to choose and on a completely individualistic vision of marriage and family.

Live your faith as a couple

The Book of Exodus speaks to us of the people’s journey through the desert. We can imagine them as they walked, led by Moses; they were families: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, grandparents, men and women of all ages, accompanied by many children and the elderly who struggled to make the journey.

To Love Each Other for Life

The source of Christian love is not in man’s heart. It is in God. There is only one piece of advice to give to spouses who wish to love, who wish to learn to love more and more: seek God, love God, be united with God, give Him all the room!

Bible Texts

The texts of Holy Scripture that refer to “marriage.”