Live your faith as a couple

The Book of Exodus speaks to us of the people’s journey through the desert. We can imagine them as they walked, led by Moses; they were families: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, grandparents, men and women of all ages, accompanied by many children and the elderly who struggled to make the journey.

To Love Each Other for Life

The source of Christian love is not in man’s heart. It is in God. There is only one piece of advice to give to spouses who wish to love, who wish to learn to love more and more: seek God, love God, be united with God, give Him all the room!

Bible Texts

The texts of Holy Scripture that refer to “marriage.”

Opening of the year in SR Spain

It was on the weekend of 27th to 29th September that the opening of the year took place in SR Spain. A meeting at Escorial, near Madrid, was attended by 150 couples and 15 …

Letter of Octobre 2019

The speed with which events occur and the accumulation of information that bombards us via mass media and the social networks of our time, often make us lose sight of the fundamentals. We can become distracted by the details of everyday life.

Valencia 2019

“Valencia” has been in the ERI’s mind and heart over the past months, because the Spanish town hosted this year’s College.

Letter of July 2019

My very dear Team members,Sharing with the brothers in the Movement is always an enriching experience